STAY ON HIGH ALERT. Lilium Recordsが送るハード・サウンド・コンパイル、第3弾!
Track List
1 Technique Checker JAKAZiD
2 Union Getty
3 Kick The Horse Kawaimachine
4 Cycle Cyclus DJ DiA
5 Jet Squelcher Freezer
6 MUtALiSt tRiNitY taqumi & H.U.T GiGAR & KV.S
7 Death Addict すてらべえ
8 Parasite Srezcat
9 Deflection hurce
10 Phosphophyllite Aire & Zekk
11 The Devil of The (Bass) Line Nizikawa
Release Information
Catalog Number LLMR-066
Release Date 2017.12.29
Type CD
Design レク
Event C93
Price 1,500円
Event Price 1,000円
Mastering Freezer
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