Lilium X5

Track List
01 After 5 Nizikawa
02 Another hurce
03 Blindness Getty
04 Suomi Aire
05 Anohi sanaas
06 This Is The Place Freezer
07 Black rotted creeping hands taqumi
08 Step Off serji
09 How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People anubasu-anubasu
10 Doomed Srezcat
11 Daemonelix Team Grimoire
12 Sagiri Asterisk
13 Deep Blue gya9
14 thank you for playing kamome sano
Release Information
Catalog Number LLMR-065
Release Date 2017.10.29
Type CD
Design レク
Illust deel
Event M3-2017 Autumn あ-11ab
Price 1,500円
Event Price 1,000円
Mastering Freezer
Jacket Data Download