クラブ・イン・ザ・カップ 〜 ポップでメロウなティーパーティー!
Track List
01 Candy Drops Aire
02 sachertorte kamome sano
03 Cookie Factory gya9
04 Silky Candle Asterisk feat. mippai
05 Dance With Coffee Candies Nizikawa
06 Stardust Step colate
07 Popover! Nor
08 Princess Knight Freezer
09 Lighting the way taqumi
10 STORM iN A TEACUP!!!!!!!! すてらべえ
11 Apollogic t+pazolite
12 COFFEE WORLD happy machine
Release Information
Catalog Number LLMR-052
Release Date 2015.12.31
Type CD
Design Freezer
Illust やむ茶
Event Comic Market 89 東A-79b
Price 1,200円
Event Price 1,000円
Mastering Freezer
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