Ray of Eternity

Track List
01 White Garden Arch vs Sanaas
02 hallucination Sanaas
03 Reset Button (update) Arch
04 Intrinsic Sanaas
05 Answer Arch
06 Lifestation Arch vs Nepuripi
07 Apatite Sunlight Sanaas & Asterisk
08 Drizzle (Arch remix) Sanaas
09 fragile crystal (Sanaas remix) Arch
10 Pink Blink (nora2r remix) Arch
11 Marine snow (Freezer remix) Sanaas
12 Ray of Eternity Arch vs Sanaas
Release Information
Catalog Number LLMR-036
Release Date 2014.10.26
Type CD
Design レク
Illust 桜都あるす
Event M3-2014秋 第一展示場 M-03ab
Event Price 1,000円
Mastering Freezer
Jacket Data Download