Virtual Odyssey: Emotion 2

Lilium Records発、エモーショナル・コンピレーション第二弾。
Track List
01 Makigumo Asterisk & you
02 Acchord taqumi
03 Skywall Srav3R
04 Dream Residue ITM
05 色のない世界に droplamp
06 Be With You Hurce
07 Into The Thunder 2.0 Getty
08 Innocence Srezcat & Nyankovsky
09 Streamline Soleily
10 Virtual Junction Sanaas
Release Information
Catalog Number LLMR-073
Release Date 2018.12.30
Type CD
Design freezer
Illust た子
Event Comic Market 95 東ネ-40b
Price 1,500円
Event Price 1,000円
Mastering freezer
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